18 May 2015

I've been consuming KetoSoy for about a month now.

What is it?

KetoSoy is a chocolate flavored meal replacement shake engineered to make the ketogenic diet easy.

It is similar in idea to Soylent, though with a very different ingredient profile.

The main difference between the two is carbohydrates. Soylent is high in carbohydrates. KetoSoy is high in fat and low in carbohydrates to keep you in ketosis.

For one serving:

Soylent 1.5 KetoSoy 0.9
Calories 500 600
Calories from Fat 210 450
Fat 24g 50g
Carbohydrates 204g 24g
Protein 21g 27g
Protein source rice milk

The complete nutrition profile of each is available at their respective sites.


I saw KetoSoy mentioned on Reddit while checking up on the state of Soylent. The ingredient profile of Soylent never appealed to me, but KetoSoy's looked right up my alley.

I've been aiming for a high-fat, low-carb, Paleo-ish diet for about a year now. I don't cook at home; I eat out exclusively (or in, with Munchery). I wanted an alternative for the times that I didn't really want to go out, when Munchery's menu didn't look enticing, or when I wanted to limit my caloric intake.

It's also much cheaper than going out: with the monthly subscription a 15-day supply comes out to $10 per day (without the subscription, $12.50). Adding the extra protein powder and chia seeds does increase this, but only slightly.


To prepare a day's worth (3 servings) of KetoSoy, I use these steps with a Vitamix.



  1. Put the KetoSoy, protein powder, and chia seeds in a large container, like a Blender Bottle or a re-used, clean and empty KetoSoy oil bottle with the top cut off
  2. Add 8 cups of water to the Vitamix container
  3. Add 10 tablespoons of the oil included with KetoSoy to the Vitamix container
  4. Blend the water and oil to emulsify them
  5. With the Vitamix on its lowest setting, slowly add the protein powder until it's blended
  6. Slowly add the chia seeds, increasing the speed of the Vitamix as necessary
  7. Slowly add the KetoSoy, increasing the speed of the Vitamix as necessary

This process, while not perfect, has yielded the most repeatable results for me so far. If I run into any issues blending I'll pour out the contents of the Vitamix into the 2-liter airtight pitcher I plan to store the finished mixture in, then slowly pour it back into the Vitamix, starting at a low speed and increasing it until everything is properly blended.

You may have noticed I do not add the optional liquid sweetener. I find the flavor profile to be delicious without it, and the sweetener only ruins it. I only tried the liquid Stevia, for what it's worth.

The texture and taste are both wonderful, especially with the added protein powder and chia seeds.


I did lose some weight, which might alarm people that know me. I went from 82kg to 77kg within the first week of KetoSoy (this leads me to believe ketosis was achieved, but I cannot confirm as I did not test it empirically). My weight does rapidly go back up to 80kg if I eat what I would normally eat all the time, which I now only eat sparingly (the pork chop at NOPA, the fried chicken at Magnolia).

I haven't had any gastrointestinal issues with KetoSoy, something that Soylent users have repeatedly talked about.

I haven't had any mental fog, though I do add ~500 calories (the added protein powder and chia seeds).

I also don't believe I actually ever get into ketosis (despite the weight loss), though I have yet to actually test this with the test strips. My breath never seems to become ketosis-breath.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. The price is right, and the texture and taste is lovely.

Before I began this process I had full bloodwork done. After doing KetoSoy for a while longer I will get bloodwork done again to see if there are any changes, good or bad, and update this post with the results. The bloodwork I got back before showed me in fantastic health.


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