I’m Kris.

I taught myself Ruby in 2007 to solve a data entry problem. I did a couple of presentations on the automation framework I wrote and ended up getting a job at ThoughtWorks, where I hoped to (and did) grow as a developer by learning from highly talented people.

I then moved to NYC and joined Pivotal Labs, where I continued to grow and learn new technologies: I helped write an iOS app, had my first foray into Java at Intent Media, and continued to build my knowledge of Rails.

I left Pivotal Labs for a startup, DaisyBill, where I ended up becoming the CTO and sole developer until I left to do contract work at Pivotal in San Francisco, where I worked on two parts of CloudFoundry, BOSH and Diego.

I am presently working at Pivotal in San Francisco as a Principal Software Engineer.

My resume is available on GitHub.


I wouldn’t be the engineer I am today without the support from the following people (and many others): Adam Milligan, Ali Aghareza, Alisa Lamacki, Brian Guthrie, Grant Hutchins, John Hume, Josh Cronemeyer, Josh Knowles, Michael Schubert, Paul Gross, Rob Mee, Sam Coward, Steve Salkin, and Tony Pitluga.